Sunday, August 30, 2009

Late August Evening - Poetry 2009

Cricket choruses sing to summer’s end;
Wasps huddle in crooks and corners.
Humming Birds descend from mountain
terrain while other birds begin to flock.
Our evening stroll takes us past gardener’s

harvesting, walkers picking berries and others
preparing their yards and vegetable patches
for transition to fall.

EMM 8/30/2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Letter - Poetry 2009

Floating like a leaf, the letter drifted to the floor;
Spilling from the surface, words became broken,
misshapen, their meaning twisting apart.
Gravity, velocity and impact scattered the remains…
Characters demolished beyond repair; illegible
smudges without structure, form or design.

EMM 8/29/09

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Habitual Loop -- Poetry 2009

Mare’s tails spread across turquoise sky
temporarily covering the rising moon.
Hide and seek ends as clouds dissipate
leaving the moon to track the setting sun.
Peachy colors brush the last wispy clouds
and slip through tree branch crevices;
dim forest needles, leaves and bark glow.
Evening advances - heat of the day fades;
Our habitual neighborhood loop is complete.

EMM 8/27/2009

1 am trip to the bathroom - Poetry 2009

Skylight full of constellation;
A star strewn night sky revealed
in a rectangular box above me.
Reemerging childhood wishes were once
cast upon these same stars –stationary or falling.
Myriad of simple desire attached to the first
star seen in the glimmering twilight.
Myriad of requests following falling stars silently
streaming through the inky atmosphere.
Myriad of aspirations trailing after long
tailed comets moving through space.
I fervently desire the magic wonder
that has temporarily escaped me.
I request release of childhood imagination that
Is held captive by worry…
I long to catch the aspirations linked to Haley’s
tail to celebrate life’s mystery.


Overdrive - Poetry 2009

Mentally visualizing chores and how to do them…
that eternal/infernal “to-do-list” puts my mind into
overdrive – sleep eludes me once again.
Summer’s drawing to a close; earth spinning
toward it’s seasonal change to fall invigorates me.
Neglect of house and yard due to illness is
passing; organization and repair reflect caring,
return to health, and now a choice to clean or not…


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Amber Moon Poetry 2009

Appearing to rest in fir tree tips
the amber thumbnail moon
casts no light on the forest path.
Plunging into the darkness,
memory serves us well…
we weave around sentinel trunks,
flowing fern fronds, and sticky webs.
Leaves crunch and dogs snuffle
announcing our ritual evening walk
with or without moon or stars.

EMM 8/25/2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Putting Food Up Poetry 2009

Blank mind faces a blank page…
Empty of thoughts worth writing down,
I return to making blackberry jam;
the cucumbers are salted for pickles;
canning jars are sterilized and ready to fill.
Shorter days prompt my need to “put food up”;
a fall task for sustenance instilled by my parents…
provisions for winter stored in root bin, shelves
of jars and crocks stored in the cool cellar.

EMM 8/23/09

Creativity Poetry 2009

Washed away;
Swept out to sea…
Creativity is stranded
out of reach on a sand spit;
I haven’t the heart or strength
to retrieve it.
My spirit is dormant;
My soul laments.

EMM 8/23/09

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Turn to Fall Poetry 2009

Shorter daylight marks the turn to fall.
Cooler temperatures clear the atmosphere…
The majestic stars appear closer to earth.
I take in the night mindful of the constellations
shift before the winter storms turn skies
gray with constant drizzle that impact visibility.

EMM 8/22/09

Back to the Berry Patch - Poetry 2009

Standing on dried grass
afternoon sun beating down,
I lean into the canes avoiding
spider webs, bees and thorns.
I gather berries…
primitive urge satisfied.

EMM 8/22/2009

Poetry 2009 Closer Tonight

Stars seem closer tonight…
Brushing treetops with silver
from light years away.
Burnt out eons before my life began,
they gaze out from an indigo blanket
illuminating my midnight walk.

EMM 8/21/09

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poetry 2009 Visit

The house is too quiet…
Order has been restored from excessive visit clutter:
Suitcases, travel bags, back packs, ice chest and more
tucked into your car are traveling homeward to Oakland.
Beds changed, laundry washed, dishes done, toys, books
and more are put away for future visits – this mornings
cleaning has removed your presence – as if there was
no visit. Forgotten items are in a pile to be mailed…
Back to email conversations and blog entries.

EMM 9/16/2009

Poetry 2009 Leaves

Fallen leaves litter the woodland path.
Each day more layer the route fading from sun
yellow to raw umber… turning from flexible
to brittle misshapen forms that crunch under foot
breaking them down to refurbish forest soil.
Jagged edges resemble a thousand piece puzzle
designed with confusing irregular connections.
I mentally envision assembling them... interlocking
a quilt of earth tones laced with evergreen needles.
I leave the undecipherable pattern at my feet
to the heavy rains of the nearing Pacific Northwest winter.

EMM 8/15/09

Poetry 2009 Berry Season

Passing backs as I drive along –
Children to adults bending, turning, twisting…
reaching into blackberry patches along side streets.
Welcome to August in the Pacific Northwest –
Hands stained purple… arms and legs scratched
in an effort to harvest from relentless spreading canes.
Some bring implements of destruction…
Long handle pruners, hand nippers, and heavy gloves.
Some wear protective layers of clothing...
Long sleeve shirts, heavy jeans, boots and hats.
Some carry buckets or containers of various sizes
to rest on the ground or to hang around the neck;
filled to capacity with the sweet Blackberry harvest,
they head home nursing thorn wounds and purple stains.

EMM 8/13/09

Friday, August 14, 2009

Poetry 2009 Summer Downpour

Pounding on skylights, roof and ground
the torrential rain made visibility impossible.
Solid sheets of grey were all encompassing;
Thousands of drops per minute drumming
to earth drowned out all normal sounds.
Spilling over gutters, the cascade flowed off roofs
sweeping leaves, pine needles and small branches
in flash flood fashion down the slightest incline.
Patterns of debris covered driveways and streets
like low tide flotsam and jetsam at the sea shore.
Running water sounds complemented steady dripping.
Twilight reflected off natural and man made objects
giving them an unnatural sheen; highly polished
leaves, branches and grass shimmered silver
in standing puddles; surface water continued to flow,
drop into and gurgle through storm drains.
The smell of damp soil – refreshed from drought –
filled the moisture laden air afterwards.

EMM 8/13/2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Poetry 2009 Blackberries

Blackberries glisten in the evening drizzle;
Dim light from the overcast sky reflects
onto the canes and leaves that twist to hide
their treasure within a barricade of thorns…
the berries protection of gleaming red barbs
catch at clothing, skin, hair or fur alike.
Reaching between the tapered hooks, I gently
pull at the ripe fruit hanging like grapes; intent
on my quota, the purple juice stains my fingers.
Nimble Chick-a-Dees and Song Sparrows navigate
the inner defenses to snag the plumpest offerings.
Chatting their voices drift out from the depths
of the berry patch until rain’s pitter patter intensifies
causing us to head for dryer perches for the night;
Bellies and bucket filled with a sweet tasting harvest.

EMM 8/10/2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

Poetry 2009 Apricot Moon

An apricot moon is rising in the syrup of a summer’s night haze.
Panting dogs, tags jingling, keep a steady pace; nails
clicking on asphalt add another voice to our cadence.
The dirt path to the woods mutes the dog’s paws; field crickets
fall silent at our passing… the cool of the evergreen canopy
is a welcome relief from this day’s scorching temperatures.
Winding through thick trunks, deciduous leaves litter the path;
crunching beneath paws or feet, breathes punctuate our strides.
Pausing only while the dogs mark the trail, our orbit through
the woodland path ends; we are homeward bound – inching
through a cloudless sky, moon leaves the earth’s haze behind.

EMM 8/7/2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Poetry 2009 Moon Halo

An aura rises in an indigo blue sky.
Chakra colors gird the nimbus’s rim;
An intense white filling touches the orb.
Expanding moon’s circumference, the stars
appear dim in relation to the unusual cloak.
I imagine Goddess Diana on a twilight
hunt illuminated by streaming moonbeams;
Scent of evergreen pervading the evening air;
A slight breeze moving through field and wood
sweeping away the heat of a summer’s day.

EMM 8/3/2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Poetry 2009 Shadow Dancing

Bright noon light flooded the hallway sending
my long shadow dancing on the wall and floor
behind me as I stretched from side to side.
Cloned in multiples, varying in shades of gray,
we moved in unison past framed photos of relatives
that I brushed free of a week’s accumulated dust.
Looking into the past from the present, my shadow
penetrated the protecting glass to join the images
briefly encircling them with my presence.

EMM 8/2/2009

Poetry 2009 Stars Glow

Stars randomly placed on my ceiling glow
an eerie luminescent green in the night.
Their power is gleaned from incandescence.
Piercing the dark until spent, the mechanical
five pointed shapes mimic the Milky Way.
Scattered they remain static through the seasons.
Unlucky constellations, they charge and discharge
their stored light energy from a bedroom lamp.

EMM 8/2/2009

Poetry 2009 Thinking

Thinking too much to sink into sleep;
Random images flash past my internal
viewing screen… little video clips.
Nothing important, no earth shattering
revelations… just inconsequential bits
and pieces of the day consciously floating;
almost dreaming with my eyes wide open.
Images running differentiate my days of trying
to get life’s weight off my aging shoulders.
EMM 8/2/09

Poetry 2009 Nightly Walk

Dogs raise the call as we walk our nightly route.
Passing mini encampments, the quiet jingle
of dog tags and an occasional scuff of my sneaker
sends off a new round of alert from each house.
The Corgis pull harder on their leashes rising
to the challenge; their breath explodes in bursts
as they strain against their leads and pull me along.
Beneath the star studded sky we amble in cool
refreshing air punctuated by staccato yelps.

EMM 8/1/2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Poetry 2009 Something to Dream About

A crescent moon dances in evening’s twilight sky;
The setting sun tints clouds apricot while moon beams
slide through evergreen branches marking the assent.
Crows fly to roost; their raucous calls dim in the distance.
Day shifting to night… the warm glow from lamps slip
from houses creating rectangular patches on lawns
and flickering television sets blink a Morse code.
Increasing darkness slows the rhythm of daily tasks;
stars released from the sun’s overbearing presence
appear in the indigo atmosphere as they have since
ancient times – myth and legend surround them.
Something to dream about…

EMM 7/31/2009