Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Key -- Poetry 2009

Failing -
letting myself down…
Past habits
embedded so deep.
Faint light dusts
my translucent shell.
Blurring and misconstruing
Cramped and bound
I crouch…
preconceived perceptions;
for the key.

EMM 9/25/2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

If you have passion Why not dream… -- Poetry 2009

Somehow I …
strangled my dreams
with ribbons of defeat;
bound passion
with strands of disbelief.
Poisoned my mind
with critical messages.
Mired myself in ordinary,
normal, safe representations.

-- -- -- --
How much time is left …
to manifest my dreams –
to release the passion –
to censor the critic -
to rise above the mire -
to summon the courage to be unique –
to stand out from normal
How much time

EMM 9/25/2009

Working Meditation -- Poetry 2009

Repetitive Movement:
Chopping vegetables
Painting walls
Raking leaves
Walking the dogs…
Sets internal rhythm.
Soft breath accompanies
movement without effort.
Mind wanders.
State of awareness:
being without being
in a deep stream
of consciousness.

EMM 9/25/2009

Walking Earlier

Sensitive to change in light length,
the dogs wait as dusk descends.
Eyes gaze from leash to door to me…
Impatient with the extra preparation -
reflective vests, a flannel shirt,
flashlight leash, pin on flashers -
they wheedle, wiggle and whine
before blasting out the door
to catch a waxing crescent moon
winking between streaming clouds.

EMM 9/24/2009

New Base

I need a new angle on life.
A shift from soft round forms
to sharp angular shapes.
The strongest architectural
A seriously strategic focus -
the triangle…
Three points for consideration:

EMM 9/23/2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Creative Conflict and Economic Recession

My brush stopped dancing…
my heart vacant from lack.
The rue:
A numbing of my soul…
is my spiritual nature.

Piles of beautiful pieces

Fundraisers profit through

my donations.
Piles of sumi-e and collage

for homes –
lack of sales -
twisted view of monetary gains
for this special gift;
Production slowed to a trickle.
I wait for inspiration;
something to renew

EMMM 9/22/2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Raucous Winds - Poetry 2009

Winds a raucous accompaniment to our nightly walk:
Branches clack together, leaves rustle and evergreens whistle.
An actual bite to this wind… my cheeks are blasted a rosy red.
Launched leaves scurry across flashlight beams on asphalt.
Branches sway against the twilight stars to play peek-a-boo;
Streetlight shadows samba; the corgis canter side by side.
Everything vibrates with this intense gusting respiration.

EMM 9/19/2009

Shadows - Poetry 2009

“Last night, lying in bed with nothing to hold onto
but myself, I gazed at the emptiness beside me and saw there…”
an odd life lived in shadows resulting from childhood perceptions.
Locked in place by age 5, reinforced through unrecorded events,
trust dissipated and life habits were ingrained deep within psyche.
Miracles needed to undo my belief system that is not relevant….
Not what I want to express with my last years before my eyes.
Last night, lying in bed I gazed at the stars and made a wish
to hold onto hope and fill the emptiness I saw there.

EMM 9/19/2009
[“And the Cantilevered Inference Shall Hold the Day" by Michael Blumenthal, from And. © BOA Editions, 2009.]

Squalls -- Poetry 2009

Kodo drummer squalls in the night brought
restless sleep; rain broke into my dreams.
Discordant images pounding in time
to inundating water soaking window sills;
stomping forms whipped to a frenzy drooled
in anticipation of harming my recumbent form.
Morning mind groggy, body lethargic…
Suffering from insufficient REM sleep.

EMM 9/19/2009

Dark Recesses -- Poetry 2009

In the dark recesses of my mind, words float…
Sections of sentences drift in and out of being.
Block letters to script; illuminated or dull;
melted butter in color, they come into view;
Receding without connection, a chalk board
that absorbs surface scrawl. I fall back
into sleep hoping to capture their message.

EMM 9/19/2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Night Encounter -- Poetry 2009

Into dusky woods…
Spider webs catch my face;
Twigs and dried leaves mute.
Through the mowed clearing,
we pad back onto the murky path.
A shaggy form greets the corgis -
Momentarily nose to nose…
“Molly” -
a specter’s voice directs
her walking pal to press on
leaving our way clear of webs.

EMM 9/17/2009

Exposed Garden - Poetry 2009

Exposed garden soil.
Ripped free of:
kale and turnips;
spent cucumber vines;
dehydrated squash plants;
withered tomatoes…
delegated to the compost pile.
Canning jar cabinet and freezer
full to the brim with fall’s harvest.

EMM 9/16/2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clouds Ran Aground -- Poetry 2009

Clouds ran aground; millions of rain drops hitting
the tree canopy resonated with a prolonged sigh.
Our cloudburst umbrella - overhanging tree branches -
sheltered us from the fleeting fluid onslaught.
Negotiating the last few drops, our surroundings
transformed from monotonous to glistening scenery
under a star studded Prussian blue sky.

EMM 9/15/2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Webs - Poetry 2009

Sky perspiration coats everything…
Drizzled webs – once invisible are visible.
Anchors span distances crossing my path.
Delicate arachnid toil fails to hold me back.
Once broken, tireless web masters begin
repairs with spinnerets casting sticky traps.

EMM 9/14/2009

Scents -- Poetry 2009

Heavy perfume scents furnished by loads
of drying cloths tainted by dryer sheets
drift into the crisp night air.
The cloying odor lingers in my nostrils

long past its origin.
Relief to catch the park’s evergreen

and forest floor essence.

EMM 9/13/2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poem - Poetry 2009

Contractions –
Powerful driven muscles propel birth.
Ebb and flow of intensity - focus on breath.

Writing -
Miniscule physical actions propel words.
Ebb and flow of energy - focus on thoughts;
Shifting to the right brain, a poem is born.

EMM 9/13/200

Words - Poetry 2009

Words torn from lips…
Trust thrashed on purpose -
This contraindication becomes a life’s purge.
Broken promises drift over a vacant continent;
Striped bare of intent and eroded to bone,
spirit is numbed in protection of lost love.

EMM 9/12/2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Achieving Strength and Voice -- Poetry 2009

Solace in walking late at night…
Each step: movement over the ground;
Blood circulates; large muscles tense and relax.

Solace in writing late at night…
Each word: movement over a page;
Thoughts circulate; fine muscles tense and relax.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Rain Walk -- Poetry 2009

Raincoat, flashlight leash, plastic poop bag…
stepping out to water dripping from everything.
Wet asphalt gleams from street lamp circles;
Puddles reflect dark clouds; moon breaks free;
the night world is coated in shimmering silver.
Moonlight and water magic pervades
our cast shadows of deepest black.

EMM 9/6/2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Behind Clouds --- Poetry 2009

Behind incoming dense clouds, the full moon rises.
Trapped the beams find weakness, a thinner layer;
piercing the sullen gray before being swallowed again.
Street lights reflect off the moisture laden layers
turning the intense grey to a macabre pale red.
This evening, dampness settles on everything;
A subdued chorus of crickets seems to anticipate rain.
Our footfalls are muffled in the heavy air; the fallen
leaves covering the path pliant under our feet;
asphalt to forest path to sidewalk, our mile completed
before the skies relieve themselves of moisture.

EMM 9/4/2009

Words -- Poetry 2009

Pen, paper and thoughts…
But my words won’t come when forced.
Painting the house, walking the dogs
or household chores become a form of meditation.
Repetitive task and movement shift my thinking…
Words appear with ease.

EMM 9/4/2009

Ocean Walk -- Poetry 2009

Shuffling to the water’s edge through soft sand,
endless sky and ocean fill my sight and mind.
My senses become engaged wading in the shallows.
Memories of past beaches invade my thoughts;
Seagulls call; cold water splashes rolled up pant legs;
waves pour forward to retreat leaving rivulet patterns.
Each breath tickles the nose with ocean scents…
Ripples reflecting sunlight create intricate designs
through the clear salt water onto mica filled sand.
Walking into the wind on hard packed sand
past sand castles, beachcombers, kites lifting in flight…
my soul sings to the rhythm of the sea.

EMM 9/3/2009

Mackerel Clouds -- Poetry 2009

Mackerel clouds speed North in an ultramarine sky.
The moist drapery encases the westward moving
full moon forming a halo ringed in amber.
Relieved of its herringbone cover, the reflected
illumination castes shadow as if sunlight;
the Corgis and my silhouettes stretch behind us
blending into the surrounding deep darkness
of the forest… linking us in this midnight hour.
EMM 9/2/2009