Monday, October 5, 2009

Cildhood Beliefs -- Poetry 2009

"After one has abandoned a belief in god,
poetry is that essence which takes its place
as life's redemption." From Opus Posthumous
by Wallace Stevens, born in Reading, Pennsylvania (1879).

Childhood beliefs - including religious indoctrination -
remain behind closed doors in my mind along
with a jumbled collection - more useless information –
stuffed into a closet that occasionally threatens to burst…
Candace was her name – she was my very best friend
in Sunday School… she had cerebral palsy or something.
Twisted body, crutches, leg braces - her effervescent
smile touched me – we had a special bond.
Screaming No! No! No! When told she had died…
I cried hysterically in that dingy dusty classroom
surrounded by posters representing traditional Jesus.
At 6 years old, I abandoned belief in that God.
Oh, I continued to go to church – it was a family thing -
But I hated it and stayed on the outside observing.
Writing and art shifted to be my life’s redemption…
During extreme stress even that was lost for a time;
Safely tucked in pockets of my mind to be retrieved
when working my way back to the light through
word and image.


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