Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Rains -- Poetry 2009

I prefer the dark of night for its solitude…
even so I dislike the short light days of Fall.
This season brings a very specific energy…
A natural slowing down, more observation
as the light slips away and darkness prevails.
Mid October signals the beginning of winter rains
that turn torrential by November as storms roll
turning the Pacific Northwest to shades of gray;
people dull down from summer brightness.
Liquid sounds mask normal conversations:
tires splash through puddles and hiss down streets;
a cacophony of drops and drips persists daily;
gutters gurgle carrying the excess to ground level;
winds rattle and weave through evergreens.
Reflections of other light forms dominate –
car headlights and taillights skim wet asphalt;
lamps spill light from windows across soggy lawns;
streetlights barely illuminate their designated areas;
the gray sucks the life out of frail light sources.
Concentrated city light of downtown Olympia
reflects off the almost constant cloud cover…
marking its place in the inundated universe.
Holed up with cups of tea or coffee, good books,
and indoor activities or entertainment the inhabitants
wait out the precipitation.
EMM 10/1/2009

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