Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Passion -- Poetry 2009

If you have passion why not dream…
but what if the dreams are all you have.
First I wanted to be a nurse like my Aunt
Beth - independent women for her time;
she bucked traditional role of homemaker,
marrying my uncle later in life... scandalously
older than him, they moved to San Diego;
a mentor removed from my proximity.

Declining the idea of oceanographer or veterinarian…
too big a financial investment to follow my true passion.
Glorified by TV moms, religion and exemplified by family,
a lifetime marriage culminating in a golden anniversary.
Typical by product of the 50’s, I only wanted marriage:
a happy homemaker, gardening and children.
My twist to this model life – a mini farm -
growing herbs, raising goats and a farm stand.

My oldest Aunt Chris dabbled in the arts.
recognizing untapped ability in her niece,
she encouraged me to pursue being an art teacher;
mom agreed as nursing and teaching were
solid choices for a women even in the early 60’s.
Shifted dream was to teach a few years, marry
and begin that happy family ever after.

Depression clung long after the dissolution
of marriage – divorce ended the happy ever after.
I learned the lesson that:
Life events can wear away the passion…
Life events can distract from a chosen purpose…
Life events can incinerate goals…
Dreams may be all you have.


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