Friday, December 3, 2010

Cold settled in… -- Poetry 2010

Fingers, shoulder, toes, knees
began to vibrate muscles reacting
trying to ward off the increasing chill…
No hat, gloves, scarf, or extra coat –
body heat retainers were unreachable;
Unprepared for descending temperatures,
she was pinned unable to free herself.
Where was her Girl Scout training?
Always be prepared… but how does one
prepare for skimming off the road, down
an embankment to the edge of the pond.
Narrowly missing flora and fauna on the way,
the car now tilted inching her way to drowning;
hot engine hissed water to steam…
battery power diminished, white car dissolved
into bleak landscape far below road level.
No cell phone,
No note left,
Winter break surprise…
I’m home, Mom – that was her plan.
Writing as long as her fingers could move,
a spring fisherman spotted the wreck.
Notebook was found safe and dry in a plastic bag…


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