Saturday, December 18, 2010

Every Corner -- Poetry 2010

Determined to celebrate her muse,
she dropped out of sight
locking herself in her art room;
meditating with brush or pen;
spreading her visions to paper –
to semi permanence…
Appreciated by few,
ignored by many,
her overflowing work was stacked
safely in notebook or closet storage
spilling hope and beauty in every
corner of her humble abode…

Her children rarely came back for visits;
their lives were full to the brim forgetting
their low start in society; they spent their
time spreading their acquired vision to a
new world of rich permanence... phone
calls even decreased over the years.
you’re mother passed yesterday
a neighbor’s voice from the past
you’ll need to contact her attorney

Gathering from across the country,
descending on their childhood home,
desperate not to be recognized,
the siblings were astonished by
the quality and quantity of their mother’s
late blooming production: poetry, short stories
collages, mixed media, oil paintings
documenting their childhood life up to the time
they scattered before the pull of distancing
themselves from poverty… from her…


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