Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Extinguishing -- poetry 2010

Hoping to write him out of her
existence before she died.
Notice the word hope… still hadn’t
after twenty-eight years. His horrid
remarks haunted - taunted, popped
up at odd times, clung to her esteem.
Endless subconscious recording
of you’re never going to be with another
fueled by these derisive snippets:
The only time you looked good
was two days before the wedding;
Can’t you ever keep this house clean;
When you smile your gums show;
If I wanted to hide their presence,
I could have and you’d never know.
As if the contact lenses, new underwear,
meticulous attention to grooming
wasn’t enough of a clue; there were
odd phone calls, hanging out with the “guys”,
total lack of any kind of touch…
Why did she still bow to his power?
What kind of enema would flush him out?
Even in her dreams, she’d yell get out,
leave me alone, you’re nothing…


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