Saturday, December 18, 2010

Far Away -- Poetry 2010

Another crack of dawn day
up and out of the house
as rays scream past Mount Rainier;
past clouds heading out to sea;
past street lights blinking off…
sun playing peek-a-boo:
gray, rain, sun, rain, gray…
Christmas lights left on overnight
reflect in puddles as black as asphalt
or retire into damp ground.

I can count the snowless holidays
on one hand from childhood back East.
Gobs of snow was the norm; bundled
to the point of not moving, we waddled
making snowmen and forts till dinner.
Steaming upon entering warmth;
peeling the soggy layers; chipping the ice
from mittens, scarves, hats and socks;
we’d thaw and play board games till bed…

Window light on snow, soft warm glow;
Christmas bulb strings – pin points of color
in the darkest bitter night; hot cocoa in front
of the crackling wood fire… so far from today’s
sun playing peek-a-boo: gray, rain, sun, rain, gray…


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