Monday, December 20, 2010

the love hangover -- Poetry 2010

everything is dreamy at first…
when its over the world seems greyer than grey;
the dark side of love, the longing, the anger,
the wallowing in despair, driving herself
nuts trying to find a way to be together again.

Practically an expert on overcoming
disappointment in the romance department,
she wasn’t sure if she could ever really believe
in it anymore… she almost did this time;
his energy contribution declined.
Then his silence - an insurmountable obstacle…
his method of closing down, shutting her out.

Trying to not get too jaded and just give up hope, she
knew the importance of being whole in herself first
before she truly became someone's "other half".
There was no creating Mr. Right... she felt at a loss;
he didn’t exist but she felt the need to really study her
mechanism of attraction - perhaps its better to only like…

For now she wanted to paint, sing, talk, dance, play
guitar or piano, laugh, eat, watch movies and sleep.
That is the life she wanted. Throw in some travel, good
friends, creating in her hermitess art cave works too…
Love‘s hangovers are so dangerous…


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