Monday, January 24, 2011

Closet -- Poetry 2011

Needing a vacation from their vacation…
knowing the right silence can be a savior,
it felt like she knew how to breathe sitting
in the dark bedroom closet…
muffled sound attempted egress
shoving a garment against the crack sealed
slit of light, sound of his voice, their flirtation…
Sent into self regression, he had his hands on
anything curvaceous – hugs, touches, brushing
back hair, claiming platonic hanging despite
cologne in his underwear, leaning into whispers,
connecting longingly with wide eyes…
Not full of seethe at his display but sickened at his
behavior, she stroked her engorged abdomen.
Weeks since anything but scowls, what’s your
problem tart remarks as he distanced himself
from whatever feeling he once had – if any.
Humming a lullaby, erratic baby soothed;
grabbing her suitcase, logical step was to leave
for an undetermined amount of time…


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