Friday, January 14, 2011

Future Consternation or Worse -- Poetry 2011

Signing the membership forms,
frenzied internally to admit…
I am an officially a senior…
paying the fee, selecting “clubs”,
she strode upstairs to the senior boutique.
Idly checking the racks, gazing at the shop’s
growing nick knack collection, she was
determined to unload her own burdens…
Envisioning her daughters consternation
at having to wade through Mom’s treasures,
a stop at the liquor store for boxes seemed prudent.
Picking up a few bottles of lift-the-spirits or sooth-the-
nerves or just-a-nip-to-help-her-sleep – this from
a former teetotaler, she amassed quite a collection:
gin, vodka, rum, tequila, let alone lots of liquors.
Imagining her daughter’s surprise to find this booze
cache made her think of other objects to discard ASAP
preventing consternation, surprise, and embarrassment…


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