Saturday, January 1, 2011

Heaving the Old Year -- Poetry 2011

Clutching the bowl, she heaved the old year
out with a purge but nothing would stay in for awhile…
stupid flu bug – what a time to lay her low!
New Year’s Eve and the flu were not compatible…
here she was ringing in the new emptying her system
literally and figuratively; shaken with chills not joy,
she crawled back to a bed already cooled by her absence.
Third time is the charm she hoped. Ugh – she ached…

Ringing phone jarred her awake, she wasn’t used to
afternoon naps… automatically fumbling for the receiver,
his voice filled her ear – watcha doing tonight?
It was her mooch – she hadn’t heard from him recently.
As if on cue, his persona sprang to life in her feverish mind:
an 800 lb gorilla in her life whose name was "Why?" that kept
asking for seconds and thirds any time she fed him dinner…
his root motivation: someone to just be “friends” and feed him.

Anyone else coming over? I can bring a movie I copied recently…
Not even pausing for response – So what time, I hope pretty
soon, I only ate breakfast…
As if on cue, she put good use to her bedside bucket.
Hanging up the phone, she resolved several things:
to stop rescuing people who take too much;
to stop giving too much of herself away;
to embrace the words “no” and “not now”;
to focus on integrity, honor and grace.
First order of business as 2010 slips into oblivion, pampering herself
with some well needed rest, peace and quiet…


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