Monday, January 31, 2011

House Shopping --- Poetry 2011

Jangled by jingles for unnecessary
items misrepresented as must haves;
intimidated by “look correct” to fit in with
people she wouldn’t or couldn’t relate to…
she was intrigued by House Hunter International;
HGTV films people purchasing homes in
a foreign country…

often seeking to enjoy prospective
kitchens as big as her house
with stainless steel appliances,
with granite counter tops,
with Mahogany floors…

often seeking to enjoy prospective
bathrooms bigger than her bedroom
with separate showers and tubs,
with two sinks and a vanity
with toilet discreetly tucked away
with his and her closets…

had she been this motivated year's ago,
followed undisrupted dreams, learned business
skills, perhaps she’d be purchasing a modest
home in a sunny climate with an actual studio…
wishing there was a speed advice event where
you had a few minutes to get advice from each
person on your problem… How eye opening…
can you hear the sound of surf?


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