Monday, January 3, 2011

Living a Nightmare -- Poetry 2011

Clothespins snap releasing their prey…
floundering clothes brought to ground by wind gusts.
Running for their lives not a cute hokey pokey dance,
the jeans, corduroys, turtle necks, flannel shirts flail in
vain to stay connected to the trembling whistling lifeline.
Wicker laundry basket does a tumble weed impression
until becoming wedged in the shuddering shrubs.
Wicked wind violates cumulus tearing them to shreds
releasing strident horizontal deluge to batter the lawn.

The wildness of the day suited her dampened mood;
Feeding her abysmal outlook, the scattered laundry
pelted by hail, spattered with garden soil, decidedly
water logged gave her promise of increased rage…
building up for weeks this stress pressure frustration
violated her normally calm nature tearing her spirit;
releasing torrents between screaming squalls, she
squatted into a meditative connection exhausted.

Prescription bottle cap snaps releasing capsules…
floundering she was destined to be grounded by disease.
Deeply engaged in a life battle, she desperately wanted
to win; the discomfort was unstoppable - living a nightmare,
running for her life not a cute hokey pokey dance…


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