Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out of Sorts -- Poetry 2011

Weather reports so accurate to predict almost exact
time when snow will start to fall takes some of the
magic away… surprised to see three inches of snow.
Flakes still blessing the ground… puppies again,
the Corgis prance and bounce thrilled with this
frozen confection adventure; their paw prints burn
to the asphalt below – perfect imprints down the street.

Streaming through black night, flake shadows
dance on pristine white surface under streetlights
mesmerizing me – the total opposite effect of driving
with millions of white bullets blasting a windshield…
positive vs. negative, white vs. black miniscule shapes …

The dogs grow impatient for more romp time dragging
me away from my out-of-sorts interior contemplation.
Back into the warmth, winter coats drip and the dogs dry
off by gas fire; the dizzying shadows against sparkling
opaque ground intrigue in replay - Yin and Yang…
energized from waltzing with ice crystals, sipping hot
chocolate still there’s the suspense of not knowing
when snowfall is going to stop…


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