Friday, January 21, 2011

Re-Home -- Poetry 2011

Not wanting to look…
knowing what was there -
peering into the business files:
phone records, credit card reports…
she knew he was making the rounds.
It wasn’t her nature to cheat;
the children were so young…
she was ignored, berated, made fun of.
Recognizing the end, she researched
separation and divorce;
reconnected with friends;
reconnoitered her options.
Choosing plan A, she called her parents
retreating home with her heart broken…

Her parents knew what was there.
Noting his recent actions;
putting it all together,
they knew he was making the rounds.
It wasn’t their nature to interfere.
The grandchildren were so young;
they saw how she was treated.
They recognized the end.
Anticipating a divorce, they rearranged
the spare room; her friends contacted them.
Hoping she’d consider return as an option.
They welcomed her home nurturing hope…


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