Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Suggestion taken… --- Poetry 2011

Furiously she sucked down her dinner
almost as fast as her dogs… consuming
without really tasting, getting the meal over,
definitely doing too much all day every day
always quickly moving onto to something else.
Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner…
not lingering or savoring flavors over her plate,
even the cats take longer to eat; they
wisely ingest modest amounts throughout
the day - delicately nibbling crunchy tidbits.
Purring during their after meal face wash,
they serenely move onto something else;
a catnap entering a meditative state…
relax in contemplation - suggestion taken.
Grateful for wise furry friends: dogs for walks,
cats for walking across the keyboard for a hug;
dogs for keeping feet warm, cats pouring supple
bodies into yoga asanas – another suggestion to take…


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