Sunday, January 9, 2011

There is Love -- Poetry 2011

Seems her life is still not her own;
ingrained beliefs of long lasting partnership
haunted her excursions in public places.
Six decades and counting, her extinct
social status needed resuscitation…
she thought she desperately needed one
or at least she needed a major overhaul.
Feeling as if she was out on a day pass
from the Adult-Relationship-Looser ward,
she was unable to make eye contact
especially with adult males; awkwardness
glued her to walls wherever she went
but even still, at the very same time, she
was filled with ambivalence about a partner.
So many years since being in a relationship,
her time was her own; she did as she pleased;
mistakes were her own to correct as she saw fit…
downside was no one to lean on or help her.
Some people manage to achieve a quality of love
whether in a relationship or not that emanates
into their immediate environment coating others;
that was what was missing, an open heart…


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