Thursday, January 20, 2011

Touch -- Poetry 2011

Laughing rain came down in
hysterical gusts till daylight…
awake for most of the night,
anxiety built up for a week or more
as side-splitting storms premiered.
Weird phobia – afraid of success –
dribbled into the few dreams she had…
looking at her financial status -
People tell me that money doesn't buy
happiness. It just gives you more options…
intersected dog walk meditations as
revolving umbrella sheltered;
rain boots swam through puddles;
ripples giggled waving down drains;
sighing, she was sleep depraved…
when it is sunny, I wanna be outside
instead of in the studio; when it is rainy,
I don't wanna leave my cozy bed and go
into the studio... but when I am in the studio,
I am always so glad to be there...
Chance to put off any big decisions until much
later, she plunged into one of her five senses –
touch – forming collage Valentine cards.


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