Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bonbon -- Poetry 2011

Well this was the worst sleep of her life;
it had her swearing off caffeinated beverages…
going back to bed after a third staggering round trip
to the bathroom – revving thoughts speed around
lists of business related things she needed done today.
It was already today by the red eyed digital clock display;
she was clearly believing the people who tell her she should
stop inviting favorite mermaids and unicorns to workshops
so of course they'll be there waiting for her at work.
Bleary eyed final destination… taking a fully clothed shower
as employees waiting outside glass door stall told her to hurry
up… wet t-shirt boss san fins and flippers but really sweating
from a technical nightmare… almost two whole hours without
internet access... but here was morning reality - scary sarcasm.
So happy for you that you got here... just in time -
Slept late, mind slow, what’s coming from madam director?
Not a nightmare; not a daydream but sheer horror –
a Valentine’s Day pink slip topped with a chocolate bonbon.
Security actually helped her pack her fantasy beings; clearing
every trace of magic from her ex office, she left the bonbon…


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