Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold and Frosty -- Poetry 2011

Roaring down, a stress avalanche
swept whimsy crashing into ravines;
buried under opaque crushed crystals
too compacted to make a snow angel…
Do you really want to lie in this snow?
Chill yourself to the bone for what purpose…
winged forms wriggled out of frozen particles
won’t whisk entombed humor free…

A small amount of wit came in after several
hours of digging through the snow; imagining
snowballs the size of limes hanging from it’s
'under carriage' – returning silliness shakes off
bad news. Sipping soothing herbal tea, internal
ice despising warmth came to a dripping demise;
smiling she promised her humor tiny snow boots,
snowsuit, gloves, hat, scarves....


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