Monday, April 25, 2011

lovely day in the country -- Poetry 2011

Sunny warm day, lovely Easter dinner…

everything went well until helping

to extinguish a smoldering fire

in a neighboring horse pasture.

Later report: someone threw a burning

bottle to start the fire not burning trash.

There we were doing our civic duty

trying to put the fire out in my red heels.

I was so happy when I first got them.

Note the use of past tense: was

sniff, sniff, sob......

RIP red shoes…

Please observe a moment of silence.

Prematurely extinguished before their time

due to burning hay field, burning dried horse

droppings… let alone the hose water spray!

Now they are flamed manure soggy heels

so beyond wiping off to keep wearing them.

I learned two things tonight:

1) Horse manure is flammable

2) I need a new pair of red heels.

Let us bow our heads again for a moment of silence

because: Damn! I missed meeting the cute firemen!


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