Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Homemaker -- Poetry 2011

She once had a point.

Was so sure of her purpose,

geared in a specific direction.

Why consider anything else?

It was the norm;

it was the natural progression:

College, teach, marriage, kids.

Simple formula -

instruct until procreation,

coddling offspring,

being a happy homemaker.

When last child hit school age,

mom went back to the classroom too.

That was the point:

summer’s off and same day schedule.

Unsuccessful as she was in choosing

her life partner…

her purpose became unspecified;

no longer a normal progression;

this new formula was complex.

Since that happy home wrecker

divided a decidedly flimsy fantasy.

Was there ever a true connection?

Backward thoughts view oddities;

his habits and circumstantial events

prove a mathematical probability:

he cheated all along….


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