Sunday, May 8, 2011

This life... -- Poetry 2011

Ambushed when she came home - super depressed

all of a sudden... she totally eyeballed the building's

charity donation bin for the near by food bank.

She could really use some paper towels and juice…

tempted but did not take said paper towels nor the juice;

she was not a horrible person…at least, not yet.

This life... the one right here - this is the one that she wanted.

Noting that the best trick she ever pulled was convincing

the world she didn't exist… so shy, she blended invisible.

Never even partially drunk, publicly lauded, or interrogated,

she ate, slept, watched movies and TV alone in her space.

A swim teacher who was also a former postal worker she laid low.

No one noticed her failure to appear; no pile of newspapers or mail

overflowed her stoop; not one person questioned her absence.

She had stood in awe of the pacific sunset as the rip tide roiled...


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