Wednesday, May 4, 2011

totally impromptu -- Poetry 2011

Made up for two sleepless nights

by sleeping 13 hours straight…

wish the mattress wasn’t a fatigue valley.

Listing with creaking lame back along

with the reward of some weird dreams

that I scarcely remember… something about

overrated forays that collapsed into quirkiness;

totally impromptu status opposed to normal

apathetic Monday state of mind numbness.

Paper napkin removes embarrassing black

poster paint and soap all up in a mouth spewing

black bubbles aimed at washing away potty language…

oddly specific request of another human being –

parental duty to deter naughty verbiage in their young.

Waking up this morning with excessive doorbell

ringing – actually it was the phone ripping

apart the last voracious strange dream!

The most noble sleep deprived reprieve…

ranks up there with the classic two part parental

command: Don’t eat your boogers…

and don’t ever feed me your boogers…again!


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