Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don’t Hang On -- Poetry 2011

Hang on to or not…

where did it all come from?

Unlabeled family pictures,

she was even guilty of not

labeling her children’s images.

Miscellaneous clutter really,

nothing of monetary value…

hanging on no longer, she wobbled

between boxed items lifted onto garage

floor; sorting, letting go, recycling -

a pile of various size clothing  

small to larger – an unfortunate

sign of aging expansion gains.

Having told her daughter that she

was lightening the collection,

forewarned, they only were able

to go through two boxes on her visit.

Dust impregnated items filled

the trunk overflowing to the back seat.

Impressive - not - so much more

relinquishing as she prepared to pass…


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