Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Insulation -- Poetry 2011


Dragging her body through another 24,

dreading another 48, she wished to destroy

her sensitive side, gouge out emotional eyes…

better to be blind than to fall prey

to endless symphonic pain coming at her

from all directions…

world woes never change;

ethnicity’s face might change;

religion’s name might change;

governments/nations rise and fall.

Eons of voracious hate always the same…

escalated violence aimed at the meek.

Avoiding the newspaper, nightly news,

playing CDs instead of radio –

she studiously avoided more input.

Building her sanctuary, insulating

external contamination, she lived

for growing vegetables and flowers.

Surrounding herself in the beauty

side of nature, witnessing renewed

life through seed germination, springs

return, she rarely ventured forth beyond

her small safe universe…


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