Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mediocre -- Poetry 2011

She feared being mediocre

more than making eye contact.

Normal was also a swear word

but shyness did her in…

the biggest “S” word in her life.

How to be un-mediocre?

How to be un-normal?

How to be non-shy?

Sighing, she studied her features;

nothing remarkable but fair…

what was the issue holding her back?

Too many years shifting in sibling

glorious achievement shadows…

comparisons to these over-achievers

made her shudder internally, her palms

itched, and the right eye twitched erratically.

Watching her sister slip into her wedding

gown amongst her bevy of bridesmaids

finished her model family experience.

Slipping her favorite belongs into her car,

she eyed her room one last time…

nothing she couldn’t live without.


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