Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The White Cup -- Poetry 2011

Residing in Grandma’s cottage

was my favorite little white cup;

nestled amongst Five & Dime cups,

diner mugs and other miscellaneous

receptacles, it stood out for its unique

shape and petite one-finger-handle.

Everyone had favorite dinnerware

that they claimed from the incredible

mismatched dishes stored in the china cabinet.

After she died, my mother couldn’t

release the cottage by real estate sale.

Purchasing it from her mother’s estate,

the little cup was officially mine but

my aunt claimed ownership rights too.

From that point forward the cup

traipsed back and forth across the yard

between my aunt’s cottage or mom’s cottage.

Filled with a beverage, one of us would simply

walk out with it in hand; only to have it make a return

trip another day filled with a beverage by the other.

Until my aunt passed over, the cup constantly

traveled filled and unfilled for many years.

Cradled with pointer finger through the handle,

the white cup refreshes steaming liquid memories…


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