Thursday, August 11, 2011

better than good -- Poetry 2011

heat seeped into the cavern...

distant mirage danced amongst sand devils

unrelenting heat baking the desert.

only relief was siesta for all two or

four legged creatures living in hellacious

wasted land; little shade was offered

by the cacti and other flora...

the documentary droned on, she only

went to these things because HE did.

why was she supposed to follow him

like a loyal obedient dog?

waking up to the fact that he was

a total bore; a major sleeping pill;

relentless in his expeditious spouting

of scientific expertise gleaned from books,

Internet, docu-Yawn-mentories...

not interested in bad boys, thrills & chills,

reckless behavior, she questioned this option.

parental approval was aimed in their direction

hinting for a date; pressure, pressure was

weighing her down and away from her usual

effervescent self - even her friends noticed.

a mind clearing experience was necessary;

no one, well her parents and this handpicked

potential fiancé would approve of a girl's only

adventure to foreign lands... under constant

surveillance nothing was in writing or voice mail.

thankful that the landscaper had left the old

Maple close to her house, she had to bite her

tongue to keep the giggles away for sneaking

out via the tree - so adolescent yet at 30 years

old - her life was better than good already...


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