Sunday, August 21, 2011

Completely Batty -- Poetry 2011

My neighbors will think I'm crazier than they already think I am.
I’ve gained a trusty attack bat to keep an ear on the place.
All in all, he's more trouble than he's worth. He stays up all night;

he certainly keeps weirder hours than I do… eats all my moths,
and can't even remember to set the DVR for my fav shows.
This little houseguest has his favorite places to hang around during the day:
certain picture frames, curtain rods, handles on the kitchen cabinets…
so I've been doing some homework to wrap my mind around a plan
to extricate him despite the fact that he’s so ugly he’s cute;
least he doesn’t raid the refrigerator or pantry for food but he leaves
moth wings all over the place. Not a big talker his chattering can be as
annoying as someone snoring as he wings around snapping at moths;
keeping any guests at bay- horrified shrieks are emitted once he makes
the most frightening appearance –  always popping up at the most inopportune
times, his crazy little sharp teeth form a grimace when he hisses;
reluctantly turning out the lights and opening the sliding glass door,
I think I might miss him a bit when he’s gone…


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