Monday, August 15, 2011

I miss her

I have zombie dreams pretty often…

sometimes I’m not surprised I’m first to die;

while other times, I'm perfectly capable of killing

them before they eat my brains but it's super

stressful because there's always more of them.

There's no time to rest so I’m thankful when I wake

up for a bathroom trip; gives me a break before

battling the hordes of walking dead again…

Fascinating how often I have those dreams

where I can't run in panic situations or

I know I’d totally trip and get eaten. One night

that happened by getting tripped up by my mom.

We were clinging and running, laughing hysterically,

dragging each other away from the clumsy moaners.

Apparently my mom and I better get together

to start training. Watch those workout tapes

or set up a Wii to practice Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido.

You know we'd be kicking all kinds of zombie ass;

zombie dreams - if only she were still alive…


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