Thursday, August 18, 2011

Late -- Poetry 2011

Defying logic and reason should be on my resume.

Who else would commit to releasing locked artistic

ability starting at fifty four years old…  ten years later,

I’m extremely proficient for an old lady layered in cat

and Corgi fur. Finding my rhythm after relinquishing

it to recovery; switching media to explore idled visions

swings me back to Sumi-e – simple brush movement.

The collages are calm, harmonious and balanced

while the brush accomplishes flying white even

when pursuing whimsical cats, frogs and birds to paper.

And yeah, it was the right thing to do from every angle.

Passion, persistence and patience and practice,

I don't forget those four “P” words…

not aiming for fame, somehow the best things always

come out of this late commitment to expression.


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