Thursday, August 11, 2011

Netbook -- Poetry 2011

Hmmmmm …figuring out her netbook

barely able to see the words on the screen...

increasing the size of the font preceded

glasses - the store bought kind.

the keyboard was just about full size

so at least she could clearly see the letters.

too bad she forgot any past typing skills

but then the netbook was balanced on one

leg rocking back and forth like a sailboat

tossed by wind driven waves...

only annoying thing was the default setting

for font and spacing... even on her bigger Pc,

she constantly had to change the default.

the Google hint didn't help maintain her choice.

similar to people not listening to her

as if she was invisible to them - voiceless.

least she was not wordless and this new

mini PC would up the ante - keep her stories

flowing - her hunt and peck style was almost

as fast as real typing...


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