Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Old Clothes -- Poetry 2011


Dreamed I hired a super laundry fairy;

I let you borrow her because you loaned

me your vacuum-sweep-mop-do-dishes fairy.

We discussed finding a scour-the-bathroom

and a clean-out-the garage fairies to trade.

It was amazing how fast the house became

white glove clean on every level - floor to ceiling.

Too bad it was only a dream; I dragged

a finger across the top of a framed Sumi-e

I was about to donate… scraping thick grime off.

Yuck!  Hot air heat, messy dogs and a broken

stove hood fan didn’t help any; plus, I figure

over my lifetime I’ve cleaned enough so with

the time left, I’d rather be doing art. Please

take off your glasses and wear old clothes…


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