Friday, August 26, 2011

Scattering -- Poetry 2011

Sucked into a holding pattern

from electronic stimulation;

not just TV tube endless sitcom dribble

but social media: face book, twitter…

depletion of social skills turned anti:

crowds bothered her –

too much movement;

babble bothered her –

too much to take in;

driving bothered her –

her night vision decreased.

Slipping into a semi silent state

accompanied by the flickering screen,

she was obsessive in her devotion.

Vicariously living in a cyber-world

by clicking the mouse;

by reading comments;

by having many user names…

anonymous, she periodically dislodged

crumbs, cat hair, lint from her keyboard;

TV and computer tables were cat draped

until the air can’s hiss sent them scattering…


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