Friday, August 12, 2011

Tight Places -- Poetry 2011

Uncomfortable squished in the space behind

the seats, speeding up highway to Cape Cod.

Mickey, my high school best friend, was too

large to squeeze into the Triumph’s excuse

for storage; my legs and bottom were asleep.

Numb with formidable pressure of the confined

space; engine's whine filled the space making

conversation impossible too...

four hours later, I attempted to unfold myself

from the womb less prenatal position.

Leg muscles twitched and shook barely

allowing feet to find comfort on ground.

Terrae firma so welcome after steel and

leather encasement ceased encroaching

on my petite form struggling to straighten up.

Certainly the butt of many jokes that evening

as we sat around the kitchen table eating,

playing board games, drinking tea before bed.

Certainly one of the tightest places I'd been so far;

in college I was crammed into a hall locker;

I hid in a closet or two; was wedged into a kayak

but those are other stories...


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