Friday, September 2, 2011

The Decision -- Poetry 2011

Wiry hair exploded from under

a baseball cap - so Einstein-esque.

Flapping in the breeze, it drifted

in a disarrayed circumference

almost a halo in its reflective state.

The hat complied with keeping

sun from burning an exposed scalp .

I studied the snapshot and laughed…

Did I mention the thinning part?

The weight gain bothers me...

I can reduce, work at toning,

exercise more frequently

but the balding... too much to bare.

My hair was once beautiful -

thick, soft, long and curly.

Would have rather had my body

thin itself than the one aspect of self

that I cherished - not egotistically

but I identified with my hair...

my most feminine facet since I never

was a fem fatale or overtly sexy.

Coming closer to the decision...

elimination of what's left; there's no point

in hanging onto what's lost for good.

A ritual will be needed; the blessing

for a bald plate and then shaving it clean.

I'll need a cute crocheted hat;

where was that crochet pattern...


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