Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Way Home - Poetry 2011

Even her Gmail said she was invisible.

Hard to start the day with viable

resources when no one could see her;

she was a shadow from a dull dawn

slipping over internal landscape.

Thin clouds had the sun barely visible.

Was that better? Barely or invisible…

making her voice stronger, conversations

continued without acknowledgement.

Least the cat appreciated her touch;

least the dogs appreciated  her walking them.

Their eyes steady on her face as she attached

leashes, grabbed a plastic bag and headed

out into the dispersed morning light.

She liked walking although mornings were noisy;

roaring by without a wave, neighbors headed to work.

Maybe she would keep walking all day just to see

how far she could go but considering the dogs,

she turned their noses to sniff the way home.


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