Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who’s Un-housed -- Poetry 2011

Basted until ill at ease, sensitive types

tumble through inhospitable surroundings…

feel forced to lurk in imaginative pursuits.

Outnumbered they house themselves

in creativity: writing, creating art, playing music.

Looking for happier elsewhere, odd jigsaw dreams,

visions, words fit onto substrate that others

admire, purchase, read to catch a glimpse

of an alternate world where they don’t  fit in…


Author Andrea Barrett said: "I've never known a writer who didn't feel ill at ease in the world. ... We all feel unhoused in some sense. That's part of why we write. We feel we don't fit in, that this world is not our world, that though we may move in it, we're not of it. ... You don't need to write a novel if you feel at home in the world."

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