Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Powerful hold -- Poetry 2011

Un-functioning , no.

Nonfunctioning, better

because “dys” has lost

meaning due to over use.

Here comes another holiday

laced with self-centeredness

where me, my, mine is prevalent

perpetuated by commercials.

Expectations ride assumptions…

glitter and sparkle heaped presents

gloss over sibling’s malcontent storms.

Looking back with fond memories

denies the dysfunction buried deep.


Susan Minot went on to write several other novels, including Evening (1998), and most recently, Rapture (2002). She also wrote a book of poems, Poems 4 A.M. (2002).

She said: "The word dysfunction has, I think, served its purpose and now has lost its meaning. Every family, like every person, is imperfect, after all. The idea that there is a Family somewhere who functions is an odd concept. In my youth I was running from my family to try to find out who I was — their influence distracted me. Now I see what a powerful hold they have, no matter what."

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