Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Magic -- Poetry 2012

Love the quiet yet powerful elegance
of a substantial snow fall; fresh blanket
of snow is due tonight… can’t wait.
Smell the air prior to a snowstorm;
a recognizable crisp tang tingles the nostrils.
Then it falls - the first flake… so peaceful.
Drifts, melts, finally more stick to every surface…
there’s the point; a world magically transformed.
You’d have to be a total curmudgeon to dislike
freshly fallen snow’s winter magic.

These are the things that I remember most when I look back… doing ordinary things in extraordinary weather/times.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gazing - Poetry 2012

Lost in thought…

mesmerized by snowflakes

as bright as stars at midnight.

A thousand, million, billion

wishes drift outside the studio window

illuminated by incandescent spillage.

Falling to earth, they stack upon one another -

begin to compact, condense, crush individuality.

Window light’s golden glow escapes to romance

ice crystals to sparkle one last time; blue white

frigidity remains once unnatural radiance extinguishes.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Obscurity -- Poetry 2012

Bananas dripped self-consciously

from the wire basket while former

oranges were ignorant of green mold.

Fruit flies abandoned the rotting mass

preferring fresher produce; they formed

temporary relationships elsewhere.

Long hours had passed with no indication

of weekday title; television a mute witness

to streaming waves of heat mutating

air’s stifled stillness ripe with rot.

Sipping water, the grief fast was not to be

broken by impending display of neglect.

Shorn hair illuminated by single candle;

incense seeped into ragged clothing;

numbed lips chanted until mirrored spirit

slipped into blessed obscurity…


Writing on the wall -- Poetry 2012

Never even ‘tagged” a wall -

that’s spray painting a symbol on

a public building – not for me…

but there was that stop sign –

young dumb teenager;

a speed sign once too - same age -

turned the 3 into an 8, so creative.

Thinking about walls in life…

some cause a change in direction;

force a circuitous route around them.

Physically many materials can create a wall:

wood, brick, concrete, bamboo, rocks;

mentally – memories built of pain, guilt,

anxiety, fear, love, jealousy, abuse form them.

Some walls are without a door;

some are without words...

most don’t have gates for egress.

Grew up with hand built granite stone walls -

stone upon stone separated pastures; dividing farm

from farm, farm from road, garden from rocks.

keeping animals in – protection from wilderness…

Hiking the overgrown roads, following

tumbled grey granite flecked with garnets,

exploring where families struggled

through each season – now nothing left.

Forest once cleared for livestock - regrown

framed by dissembled jumble leaf coated rocks.

Wordless witness to forgotten past.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fiction -- Poetry 2012

Buried in paper bound mystery,

body curled protectively

around fine print characters.

Moving internally, their forms

drift in and out of consciousness

reforming in succinct clarity

due to author’s descriptive proclivity.

Imagination burned the present tense;

lost again in acceptable passivity,

real world was relegated to fiction…


Mary Karr told the Paris Review: "Reading is socially accepted disassociation. You flip a switch and you're not there anymore. It's better than heroin. More effective and cheaper and legal."

Without Abandon -- Poetry 2012

Abandoning dreams

Face turned down

Proceeding in mid value

Of a world neutralized.

Abandoning art,

Hands empty, restless,

Shuddering with out

Rush of color’s wheel.

Abandoning balance,

Life turned downward

Preceding creativity’s

Simultaneous dismissal.

Depression’s stealth

Stained vision opaque

Blocking light, turning

Outlook dark and meaningless…


artist, poet, and punk rocker Patti Smith said, "In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth."

Slipping -- Poetry 2012

How far away can one go

with wobbly legs and sore feet?

Breathing cold air burns heart

into calibrated flutter;  a plan

for invigorating turns debilitating.

Fear - peaceful coexistence between

nature and an aging body might not

be possible – hear the whisperings.

Wanting to shout louder – unfair;

crying out where has time gone?

Life work and ethic tricked by a body

following natural chronological decline.

Can you hear the loving and hating

voices echo golden year’s frustration

when slipping into their graves

one breath at a time?


Saturday, January 14, 2012

mother’s clothes -- Poetry 2012

Fed up with their rules,

she again failed to express herself;

receding into her closet, she sank

into the barely perceptible scent.

Sitting in darkness, inhalations

opened death’s determined veil.

Mama’s girl resolved wayward

self-esteem during wardrobe respites.

Missing physical rumination, closeted

connection opened the spiritual partition

breath by soft breath into ethereal  reality.


Friday, January 13, 2012

The Point -- Poetry 2012

Where was I?

Too much on my mind -

wandering back to the starting point,

trying to jog the thought process,

standing puzzled - run the list.

Waiting for the a-ha…  

waiting to get back on point,

waiting for son’s laughter to subside.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teasing --- Poetry 2012

Tired and worn down,

not feeling great;

icy stars white light

does nothing to cool fever.

Fever of dread…

writhing snake crossing

summer’s melting asphalt.

No respite…

no escape to safety…

desiring to quench thirst,

wishing to heal  burns,

your acid tongue licks

subcutaneous layers

drawing abstract patterns.

Licking, licking…

teasing soulless spirit forth…


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adrift -- Poetry 2012

Leaving not one footprint

in sand, mud, grass -

not one depression at all.

Nothing made an impression.

Destined to drift with the sun

on her face, the wind at her back…

there was no weight to her being.


Exhale-- Poetry 2012

Every step forward pulled

frigid temperature into lungs;

warmth exhaled shrinking

frost into liquid state

leaving a clear path that

documented movement.

Every breath in  

lowered body temperature.

Every breath out

chilled cells.

Steps faltered…

muscles locked…

reception closed down;

sitting in consciousness,

spirit radiated outward.

Aware of every drip

falling to earth,

the frost returns

with the last exhale.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wayside -- Poetry 2012

Driving asleep

thoughts fall

smashing against windshield.

Soundless drops…

prismatic orbs

push through ether

streaming by wayside

incomplete and wasted.


Barely Breaking -- Poetry 2012

Tumbling days

filled with stop and go;

too busy to feel when

accomplishing “to-do”.

Dusted and polished,

swept and mopped,

clean and tidy to the eye.

Barely breaking

persistent pain

pleasantly displayed

in clean glass frames.


Monday, January 9, 2012

talented or time-waster --- Poetry 2012


Mull over the shift


Shift again…

change things up a little.

Need one more 24 hour day

to catch up with every viable

alternative to solve a puzzle.

Eight days into the New Year,

it's all about moderation,

amazing shifts and progress…

talented or time-waster.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hopefully Naive -- Poetry 2012

Do you try to avoid

the dark damp cave

in the back of your mind


it’s scary back there?

What’s in yours?

A list of flaws,

secret grudges,

people loved and lost,

conspiracy theories,

experiences rather forgotten,

mistakes you can't admit,

fears that haven't come true yet…

all the stuff nightmares are made of.

Are you hopelessly naïve?

Think it would be relatively easy to change

or are you hopefully naïve…

knowing how hard it is to bring light

into dark sacred fears.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blank -- Poetry 2012

Even white noise wasn’t empty;

sky rimmed with hemlock fingers

waggle in distinctive patterns –

residual for all practical purposes.

Reaching skyward leaves bird songs,

dog barks, or voices fading out

into meditation; prone to earth,

a blank stare penetrates ether

silencing constant distractions…


Unique orbit -- Poetry 2012


not predetermined…

scientifically impossible

sometimes warped

looping in on itself,

sometimes straightened out,

this unique orbiting world

of isolation to gregarious.

Hovering at times –

meditating on cosmic direction

to keep away from gravity

that could steal independence.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Muszak? -- Poetry 2012

Is on hold music still called that?

Noxious combination of Kenny G sounds are

not soothing in the ear or wandering out from phone handset.

Even the parakeet barking is less annoying. Yes, barking…

during its formative years, the old schipperke’s chronic barking

impressed the blue budgie; dead and buried, the chronic barking

lives on and on and on until the cage is covered for night’s quiet.

Unless light leaks prevail!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sixty Plus Years… -- Poetry 2012

Let go physically

Body trashed

Not from drugs or alcohol

Pure and simple neglect

No intervention required

Not a resolution either

More a responsible reinvention

A chance to snap out of neglect

End with grace and control….


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Year to Pay -- Poetry 2012

Holiday gifts walk in the door:

shirts, hats, electronic gear…

even a Manga fuzzy cat tail

clipped to the bottom of a shirt.

Seems foreign to think of present

heaps stacked under a tree.

Gave that up years ago after mom’s

death, Christmas just wasn’t the same.

Financial decline enhances de-heaping;

food seems more important than

extraneous expenditures selected

under pressure of expectations,

holiday cheer and one-up-man-ship

that takes half a year to pay for.


Use it or Lose it -- Poetry 2012

Barely able to walk,

physical reality of being unfit…

not so grim a discovery.

What else could one expect

from sitting too much?

Lost in creativity,

unbalanced without movement

for muscle maintenance.

No need for ten resolutions…

Planning to steel Nike’s motto:

Just Do It.


Dozing -- Poetry 2012

Body physically exhausted

muscles balance sitting up asleep.

White noise – children’s voices –

a steady stream of sound

blends to nothingness.

Fluorescent bland light,

mind mercifully quiet,

zoning out to colophony tones…


Monday, January 2, 2012

Summer Afternoons -- Poetry 2012

Bones screamed with every step

cracking under overweight frame.

Moving slower than a tortoise,

every step created a grimace;

feminine grace had disintegrated

to old lady waddle with every limp.

Flexible body lost - mind still supple;

residual romantic view remembers

telling lies about missing curfew,

grass stained clothes and leaf tangled hair...


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blame -- Poetry 2012

Picking stars…

filling a basket with dimensional

light that radiated back to blank spaces.

Night sky was not disturbed by wishes

gathered freely under dark cover.

Picking light…

desiring radiance relieved a hidden life.

Light reached into dark corners

disturbing childhood secrets forced

into silence as if she was to blame.


Can you… Poetry 2011

There are things that should be left alone never

to see the light of thought;  insistent to spawn,

they crawl about winding their way into verbiage.

The off button malfunctions so the drastic release

of unregulated tongue simpers strategically.

Whine and pitch, another poor soul reduced to waste;

a selfish tactic to feel good standing on the weak.

Can you not do that?