Sunday, April 1, 2012

Too Much Information 3/31/2012

Over the last super out, you revealed

your years of marital disharmony.

You left me for her…

like I wanted to hear that it was long dead…

I don’t care that she barely speaks to you,

that you both were beyond screaming,

beyond emotional explosions,

beyond throwing objects and worse.

You’re lonely; it seems as alone

as I felt when married to you.

I almost felt sorry for you.

I said, awkward, right [aimed at our son]…

too much information… time to leave

but curiosity got the best of me.

Why are you staying together?

Financial reasons… we can’t afford

to divorce. Who do you know that remain

happy in a long term relationship…

especially after twenty plus years?

You seemed reluctant to leave my home,

you talked about catching an early flight;

finally admitting,  I was stupid back then

as close to an apology for abuse and abandonment.

Later my eyes burned with fresh pain;

wounds never forgotten and only slightly forgiven,

your father left us for that bitch…


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